we are here to inspire

Our Brand

We love coffee.

We enjoy every little moment in our lives.

A life moment “plus” coffee would become enjoyable, amazing and astonishing!

We welcome you to explore your own moment and meaning with coffee in Coffee Plus.

cafe Latte

Pour Over


Our Belief

Everyone, everything and every experience are unique.

Each coffee bean, each drip and each cup of coffee brings you a unique taste, note and experience.

With coffee beans from around the world, drinks handcrafted from expresso to pour-over, and friendly cozy environment, Coffee Plus is where you can appreciate coffee and cheer up your days.

Our Mission

We are here to inspire.

We provide and accompany you in your next unique coffee-appreciating journey.

Whenever you need a strong boost to wake up for your day, a quiet me-time with your beverages, a chat with your friends or business partners over coffee or search for a coffee experience with beans from different sources, we are here for you.